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Uggish began his musical journey as one half of Bi-Polar Bear.  Over the span of a decade the group released three albums, traveled the country headlining legendary venues like the Mercury Lounge NYC, topped college radio charts, broadcasted live performances on stations such as Radio K Minneapolis and shared stages with countless rappers from underground successes such as Brother Ali to mainstream legends like Snoop Dogg.  Their albums were released by Brooklyn based Indie label Modern Shark and garnered additional support from Sage Francis’ led Strange Famous Records.  It was a wonderful experience with an incredible friend (August).  In 2015, after Bi-Polar Bear’s third album, Uggish stepped away from music.  He left in pursuit of a doctorate in Chinese Medicine.  His journey away from music and into the world of acupuncturists, herbalists, and unmatched compassion brought beautiful new perspectives.  In 2020, five years removed from his last studio appearance, Uggish woke up and felt compelled once again to make music.  He made some new beats (they were really really good), said some new raps (they sounded really really dope), and recorded the self-produced/written/recorded debut solo album “…and Now to Learn to Fish”.  He surely hopes you do enjoy his return 🙂 .

album quotes

Boasting old things, gold rings, phone syncs, sinks drain, same name dangling from the chain link, fairytale everything

-Deli Man

…faded fast as his father would, silence could, explain it ’bout as good as the science could, day he passed, had to clean the cat litter, dog ate dinner…


We road horses to pick oranges, mostly ’cause it rhymed, also we we’re hungry…


…in the wrong place like his muthafukn focus is, find it lying in the pocket lining, took a swim like a sea lion, took a stroll like a land lion, some damn good timing, a real good time then…


…plenty like my bike see, we won/one like, how many my bike seats, talks tarnished like farces and art is, old as a cartridge on carpets, now I fill carseat so I feel conscious…


…snuff flame, same as dang plain dames, rain drain lame thangs, slicked same tame paved lanes, pain stained grain’s age, faint aims maintain same strained throat from out your name rang…


…truth if you say so, old soul age slow, stay home stakes low, bake mo’, stay high, lake’s warm, warm thighs, old eyes, sold cries, hold mines like old times…

-Warm Thighs


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press (as member of bi-polar bear)

Ug (Uggish) can MC with the best of them


Featured in publications such as The Village Voice (NYC), The Find Magazine, The Deli Magazine, PopMatters Magazine, The Source Magazine, Okayplayer, The AV Club, UGSMAG,,, and more

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Thank You

Thank you for your time and interest. I know your time is valuable as I’m sure you have tons of music to constantly sift through to feature. All write ups, reviews, interviews, etc are extremely appreciated.

Hoping for health and happiness to you and yours,
Gabe (Uggish)